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Welcome To Penang under MM2H Program

Regarded as the Malaysian Food capital, Tropical Penang is a fascinating fusion of modernity and traditions. This old world charm offers one of the best long-term stays and retirement opportunities in Asia, if not across the globe. Since 2011, Penang had been placed consistently in the list of top 10 retirement destinations by several retirement magazines and websites. As a result of which Penang earned its popularity as one of the best retiring locations. Apart from its peaceful multi-racial populace and amazing heritage buildings, this small and heavenly island is pretty much affordable. Penang provides you with the opportunity to enjoy different recreational activities, captivating natural beauty, and interaction with a friendly community from around the world. Except the retirees, numerous young expatriates have chosen Penang as a suitable home base for traveling around Asia. What’s more, you can enjoy advanced medical care in Penang. You'd never run out of things to do, be it outdoor fun activities, dining opportunities, historical exploration or a fabulous nightlife.

When in Penang, you can spend some time roaming around George Town, its capital city. In spite of having all sorts of modern conveniences available here, you will come across folks, practicing the old crafts or religious ceremonies mostly forgotten in this present world. This is one of the major reasons for announcing George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once you are here, engage yourself in discovering its glorious history, exploring the exotic beaches and waterfalls, shopping to your heart’s content, and relishing the finest cuisines.

Penang is an ideal destination for people who long to explore a new slice of life. With nicknames such as 'The Pearl of the Orient', and 'Garden of the East', Penang is an exceptionally wonderful location to create new memories after retirement.

Malaysia My Second Home Program

Offers a ten-year renewable visa to the non-Malaysians with different privileges.

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MM2H Requirments

Be it for trade or delight, MM2H application is suitable for all your purpose.

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MM2H Benifits

Several benefits are there to be derived once you join MM2H visa program.

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MM2H Agent

Alter Domus is the ideal MM2H sponsor for your retirement in Malaysia under MM2H visa.

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Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. takes pride on being the first MM2H license holder with the license number MM2H/001. We help the foreigners get this renewable ten-year Malaysian visa and for more than ten years, we have been serving several participants. Most of our clients are staying in Penang whereas many are still working and planning to retire soon. As they are doing their business through internet, location doesn’t matter.

Along with the visa application services, we have post visa endorsement services to assure an easy stay in Penang for as long as you want. This key principle of our company made us one of the largest MM2H sponsors in Malaysia with a 99.8% approval rate.

MM2H Program an excellent initiative by the Malaysian government, has increased the popularity of Penang among the retirees. The members are offered a 10-year renewable multiple entry visa that includes the benefits of purchasing or importing your cars as well as buying property in the country.

This program is open to the citizens of all countries recognized by Malaysia irrespective of color, religion, gender, race or age. Applicants can bring along their spouses, parents (applicable only for the main applicant) and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependent members.

Prior to this MM2H visa program, the Malaysian Government initiated ‘The Silver Hair program’ to attract the foreigners to retire in Malaysia. However, it failed to take a lift, and the Government of Malaysia promoted the this visa program in 2000. It is a multiple-entry social visa, which allow the foreigners stay in Malaysia, once certain the criteria are fulfilled.

We have thousands of happy clients who eventually became our reliable friends!

Allow us the privilege to make your relocation to Malaysia trouble-free.


If retirement in Malaysia is one of your exotic dreams, we are here to help you know why Malaysia stands out in the crowd as an ideal second home across the world.

Penang is a paradise island in northwest Malaysia with variety of food, cultural diversity, exquisite beaches, and friendly local people.

Whether you are planning to retire in Penang or enjoy a long-term stay with your family, the modern facilities of this island assure you a comfortable life.

Highly impressed by their professional practice, efficient follow up and strong local support. The team is experience in handling all the documents...Read more

LSC , (Hong Kong)

Alter Domus did a great job representing us for our MM2h visa's. Applying from the United States is very complicated as the rules for verification are complex...Read more