Our Company

The word "Alter Domus" stands for "Second Home" in Latin, which forms the basis of our company. We assist our clients to enjoy their second (even primary) home in Malaysia. Our company was incorporated in Malaysia during 2006 as Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. Prior to this, we were popularly known as Alter Domus Management and Services Sdn. Bhd. In 2006, the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism announced that all the MM2H sponsors should be licensed and the company names must contain the words MM2H. In this way, our company was formed to go with the licensing requirements. And now, we are proudly one of the leading MM2H visa consultants in Malaysia, offering professional assistance in visa application and other associated services including the tax-free car purchase, import of household effects, maid, pets and home management.

We are proud to be the first licensee of Malaysia My Second Home Program with the license number MM2H/001. Basically, we have been in this business since 2001 when it was not compulsory to set up a company for the clients to apply for the MM2H visa. It was done via word of mouth and the operations were carried out informally. We have been growing randomly since 2006 and now we have turned into the largest MM2H sponsors in Penang.

Want to view our latest MM2H Agent License? Please click here.

One word that describes us perfectly: PASSION

None can match our performance

We are unbeatable in terms of service. Our company is run by our family members along with few dedicated staffs. Being one of the largest visa consultants in Malaysia, we run this company all by ourselves. We do not prefer hiring managers to run it. As a result, no principal-agent conflict is there when it comes to ensuring the client satisfaction.

Two of our main guiding principles are-

Our clients eventually become our friends and they keep visiting our office, years after the MM2H is completed. It is mainly if they require a visa transfer, or have any question which they feel we can answer properly. And the majority of our clients are referrals from our existing clients.

We never compromise on honesty. If it’s impossible for us to complete the visa procedure, we will let you know. Our current approval rate is 99.8%. The 0.2% is because of our clients who want to push ahead even though the success rate is less than 50%. If not for them, our approval will be perfect.

  • Quick response to all the emails and inquiries. In lots of testimonials, you will find it. Mostly we respond within hours if we are available. We work 16 hours day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to respond instantly to emails and inquiries. Even during the weekends and the festivities such as Chinese New Year.
  • We always believe in going an extra mile to assure that you get the best, be it visa application, post visa endorsements, property management or any other information you need to know. We try to help our clients in every possible way and if we find it impossible for us, we will find someone suitable who can help you. We never stop saying, “Sorry, we cannot help you” unless we actually reach the end of the road.
  • As one of the most trusted immigration consultants in Malaysia, we complete the visa procedure diligently to ensure that you get the MM2H visa without any difficulties. We never do it just for the sake of doing it, rather work carefully towards giving you 120% chance of getting the visa. We don’t just ‘hope’ to provide you the visa in right time, we believe in doing it instead.
  • Whatever situation it might be, we will always stand by your side while dealing with contractor or any third party.
  • Once you are enlisted as our client, advice is free for life and even after 20 years, you will get advice from our end.
  • We work hard with honesty to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Honesty and integrity

Currently, we are busy in doing some home management work for our clients and it’s obvious that we won’t have been given these responsibilities if trust issues were there. We couldn’t have given any access to the properties of our clients, if we were not trustworthy. For some of our clients, since 2007, we have managed their properties and cars.

Please click here to see our MM2H license with the license number MM2H/0001 that is expiring in Dec 2016. It will be renewed instantly as MM2H is our core business.

Our People

Ch’ng Toh Ghee

Managing Director

Ch’ng Toh Ghee is the curator of Alter Domus. He is responsible for answering all the email inquiries, preparation of documentation for submission and marketing. Being an MBA from Manchester Business School, UK and a B.Sc. in Microelectronics and Physics from Campbell University, NC, USA, he complements Roselind Moey, his wife on running the company as Roselind is more focused on post-endorsement assistance.

Roselind Moey

Marketing and Operations Director

Apart from assisting her husband in the marketing, she handles the daily company operations. Prior to becoming a relocation specialist, she was a Company Secretary for a public listed firm in Penang. She has the professional qualification from ICSA (Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators), United Kingdom. She is still an Associate Member of MAICSA (Malaysian Association of Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) and has been a company secretary since 1997. She was with PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore from 1997-2000 before returning to her hometown in Penang. She has a professional experience in negotiating with people and handling the needs of foreigners.

Moey Kok Hee

He is the father of Roselind Moey. Previously, he was working as an Immigration officer before retiring in 2005. He is responsible for submitting correct Immigration documentation. His knowledge from his job retirement is critical to ensuring the success of the company.