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Thank you for your interest in MM2H. We appreciate that now you can let us know more about yourself so that we can help you better. We have learned from our experience that each client is unique and so are their demands. So we need to work closely with them. Naturally, they have their own financial strength and several questions. We believe that providing with all information at a time will do nothing but confuse our clients. So, we offer them only the required information about how to complete the visa procedure.

Numerous information you will get online but not all of them are applicable or relevant to your search. Many of our clients come up with incorrect information they’ve got online. And it’s worse that at times decisions are made depending on these wrong information.

But, with us, you are safe. Each week we submit different applications and thus, it’s clear to us what the Ministry wants. We are well-known to the Ministry of Malaysia as Alter Domus and you can even call them up to verify our performance.

Though we charge the lowest among the popular and large MM2H agents in Malaysia, we always believe in maintaining transparency. We use mails to our clients regarding the details and pricing.

We believe in submitting successful application with 120% effort to get it to the standards expected by the Ministry. It is our major concern that you surely get the visa on time. It is our motto to build up a good relationship with our clients. One of our clients say that there’s no point in choosing a cheap service which will ultimately result either in an unsuccessful application or lots of unwanted issues. If price is the only thing that bothers you and the application success rate, long term help or good relationship is of minimal importance, we can only wish you all the best in this MM2H endeavor. We are not into any other side businesses such as real estate, tours, consulting, legal or something else, to cross-subsidize our MM2H business. Thus, we get ample scope to serve you the best. Our focus will be on your MM2H and relocation needs, instead of pushing you for purchasing insurance, properties or other non-MM2H related products.

So, speak more about yourself. Age is just a number for me but if you don’t want to disclose it, just let us know whether you are "below the age of 50" or "above the age of 50". I will ask you rest of the required information. In fact, I would like to describe the entire picture than just answering your queries. The more we know about you, the better our advice will be.

Some of the questions we have listed below to which answers are required. With these answers, we can certainly help you better:

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Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd.
Level #1,48, Jalan Pahang, George Town,
10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Office : + 604 229-4826.
Facsimile : +604 229-7686.

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