About Malaysia My Second Home Program

Malaysia My Second Home Program offers a ten-year renewable visa to the non-Malaysians with different privileges. This program was primarily promoted by the Government of Malaysia to attract the foreigners who want to retire in this country or enjoy a long-term stay here.

Unlike the visa programs from other Asian, Latin/South American or European countries (which are open to the age of 50 or 55 only), Malaysia My Second Home welcomes the young folks of 21. this program is open to all the citizens of certain countries, recognized by Malaysia irrespective of their color, race, religion, gender or age. The main applicants can bring along their parents (more than 60 years old), spouse and unmarried children below 21, as dependent members of the family after completing the formalities.

Along with the retirees, Malaysia has become a second home to the young entrepreneurs or business owners who can control their business through internet. Under Malaysia My 2nd Home Programme, they can enjoy all sorts of modern conveniences available in this country, only at a fraction of cost. If compared to the retirement program of other countries, It offers the longest duration to its participants in a highly systematic way.

Once you become a MM2H participant, immigration is hassle-free and this is the reason why this program is successfully welcoming foreigners to Malaysia. In short, Malaysia My Second Home is bringing foreigners to the country not only to stay but to conduct overseas business, educate their children and retire willingly.

Since it’s a non-investment residency, This Program has the highest requirements in the world. The participants need a certain level of financial strength and commitments to stay in this country. It’s mandatory as they need to deposit a certain amount of money in Malaysian banks.

Why is Malaysia My Second Home Program successful?

Malaysia my second home has brought several financial resources to the country. Moreover, with time you will get a respectable amount of interest on your deposit, whereas other developed countries offer close to or less than zero percent interest. As the financial regulation of fund transfer in this country is liberal, it’s easier to strengthen your financial support in Malaysia. Even you can spend some amount here to stimulate more economic activities while staying in this country.

With this program, Malaysia has got numerous executives, professionals, technical people, professors, doctors and specialists. Most of them are successfully employed in different part time jobs and they have taken part in improving the capabilities of the locals.

As the requirements of this Program are higher than the developed countries, it attracts people from diverse culture across the globe. Hospitality to the foreigners or non-Malaysians is a major part of Malaysian culture. The Malay people love to celebrate diversity and warmly welcome everyone in their community. So you are never alone in this new country with such a lively neighborhood. Thus, MM2H has increased the number of foreign citizens in this country.

Precisely, if you are planning to retire in a low-cost country, enjoy advanced health care, and other modern facilities of life, Malaysia My Second Home is the best choice ever. It’s time to explore new options to fulfill the untold passions of your life!