MM2H Relocation Service Assistance

Alter Domus solely focus on Malaysia my second home program visa. We do not deal in real estate, consulting, insurance, tourism or any other legal services. For any kind of MM2H relocation service in Penang, we are just a call away. We will help you in every possible way and if we can’t, we will find someone suitable to do it for you.

Thus we eliminate the need of trial and error by providing you with immediate local knowledge.

** Our advice, be it via email or telephone is free for life.

Services we offer:
  • MM2H visa application.
  • Post visa endorsement assistance include:
    • Tax-free car purchase.
    • Import of household effects.
    • Import of vehicle (tax-free or with tax).
    • Paperwork for bringing in pets.
    • Paperwork for bringing in a maid.
    • Paperwork for bringing in parents of the main applicant.
    • Partial withdrawal of MM2H fixed deposit.
    • Selling of tax-free car.
    • Transfer of MM2H sticker from old to new passport.
    • Driving license conversion (foreign license to Malaysian).
  • Cancellation of MM2H visa.
  • MM2H renewal services (upon completion of the 10-year visa).
  • Non visa assistance
    • Property search:Though we are not into the real estate business, we will provide you with the names of agents who have helped our previous clients. If you are willing to purchase any property, we will you third party and independent advice on that property.
    • Renovations or remodelling of your property:When you are absent in the country, we will take care of the remodeling or renovation project and deal with the contractors directly as your proxy in Malaysia.
  • Home management and car care. We will look after your house/apartment and car for you when you are not in Penang.

Most of our clients request us for home management since they require a trustworthy person to take care of their property, house and car during their absence in Penang. We will visit the property on a weekly basis, take photos and process a routine check. Sending the photos via email, arranging for a car service (if required), and cleaning the house before their return are among our prime responsibilities. This helps in retaining the peace of mind when owning a property in Penang. These are the most important parts of MM2H visa services we offer our clients in Penang.

We believe that it’s hard to get reliable people to manage properties. That’s why we don’t run a profit center; instead, we work for our own happiness with utmost responsibility and honesty.

Eventually, all our clients are our friends and whenever they need our assistance, we will be there to help. They just have to tell us their requirements and we will source for them. At times, we do have requests for some interesting products or services and we find an ecstatic joy to source for them.

Our phone lines are turned on all the time 7/24/365 and our clients are allowed to give us a call anytime of the day in case of any medical emergencies. For any non-urgent information, they can mail us and we will revert within 24 hours. If there is any urgent request, we would love to entertain their telephone calls.

Only a few sponsors might be willing to undertake this MM2H visa service whereas we are proud to serve all our clients (or friends) since we first started up many years ago.