Know MM2H Visa Application Procedure

Be it for trade or delight, MM2H program is suitable for all your purpose. Malaysia My Second Home visa is a multiple-entry Social Visit Pass offering an initial 10-year stay in Malaysia and it can be renewed once the validity of ten years is over. Minimum or maximum stay in Malaysia is not mandatory for the MM2H participants; they can reside in Malaysia for as long as they wish to.

According to the MM2H guidelines, people from the countries recognized by Malaysia can be a part of this MM2H program notwithstanding the gender, color, religion, race or age. The main applicant can bring along his/her parents (if they are above 60 years), spouse, and unmarried children under 21, as dependent members of the family.


With the easy renewal conditions, MM2H application is an unbeatable and well-structured process when compared with other visas. This multiple entry visa is a golden opportunity for those who love to roam around Asia. None will inquire of your whereabouts or your address in Malaysia and you can stay out of the country as long as you wish. Since racism or religious differences doesn’t exist in Malaysia, blending in the Malay society is easy and they will readily accept you as a part of the Malay community.

As this program is open to all, it is too popular among the young people of 21 or above along with the retirees. These young expatriates who are working in somewhere in Asia, use this pass to make Malaysia a home base for traveling to different countries. Often these participants prefer taking up MM2H as the retirement visa. On the other hand, some of our clients who can take care of their work via internet (such as freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc) have found it cheaper to enjoy long-term stay in Malaysia than their native countries.

MM2H visa holders are allowed to live anyplace in Malaysia excluding Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo island. If they are willing to live in these two regions, they will require to transform to the version of Sabah/Sarawak. But this conversion is a complicated process in itself, which requires a brand new application for Malaysia visa. According to the historical record, in 1963 Sabah and Sarawak united with Malaya to create Malaysia. People asked for immigration in one area and sovereignty in some areas. Therefore, Malaysians who are from Peninsular Malaysia have to display their identity cards to enter Sabah or Sarawak. These people are provided with a tourist visa of 90-day and Sabah or Sarawak holds the authority to reject their entry.

Most of the clients of Alter Domus are currently staying in Penang whereas others are in Langkawi, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru.

Why MM2H Visa is as good as lifetime residency in Malaysia?

Literally, MM2H visa is not a permanent residence visa. But you are allowed to apply for a lifetime residency in Malaysia after the completion of second "10-year" validity. Getting a permanent residency in Malaysia is too complicated and it might take very long time. Choose MM2H visa instead. This is one of the social visit passes throughout the world, which offers a 10-year renewable option and you can easily consider it as convenient as a lifetime residency in the country.