Know About MM2H Visa Requirements

Be it for trade or delight, MM2H application is suitable for all your purpose. Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa is a multiple-entry Social Visit Pass that offers a long-term stay in Malaysia. You can renew it in every ten years. Minimum or maximum stay in Malaysia is not mandatory for the MM2H participants. They can stay for as long as they want.

Requirements For the applicants who are aged under 50 For the applicants who are aged above 50
Monetary Strength More than RM500,000 equivalent More than RM350,000 equivalent
Monthly earnings More than RM10,000 equivalent More than RM10,000 equivalent

You would require submitting either your financial statements or the documents of last 3 months.

The sources of your income can be your investment returns, pension, remuneration, rental income, interest, royalty or some other types (if any). All your income must come from outside of Malaysia. If the income sources are from Malaysia, they won't be obtained.

Your monetary strength will be considered only in the liquid form; properties won’t be counted as your financial strength. It won’t be easy to jot down every financial instrument that has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism here. So mail us or dial us to discuss the detailed financial requirements. When we will get to know your issues, it will be easy for us to assist you further.

Once the confirmation is acquired, these following requirements need to be fulfilled:

Requirements Under the age of 50 Above the age of 50
Amount of Fixed deposit you’ve to keep in any Malaysia Bank RM300,000 RM150,000
Pension provided by the Government (They won’t allow private pensions)   RM10,000 per month

Note: Your fixed deposit must be in a Ringgit Malaysia, one-year tenure and auto-renewal account.

People who are aged above 50, TWO options are available for them-

  1. They are allowed to keep RM150,000 as a fixed deposit in the bank .
  2. If it’s proved that they have RM10,000 equivalent in terms of pension provided by the government, the requirement of fixed deposit will be renounced. Other than government pension, any kind of private as well as semi-private pensions are not commenced.

You can select either option 1 or option 2, but not both. Hence if no pension is received any pension from the government, only option 1 is left for you i.e. an amount of RM150,000 must be deposited into your Malaysian bank account.

The property owners are allowed to apply for reducing the fixed deposit in certain conditions. They have to own a property which costs more than RM1m prior to applying for MM2H visa and pay the entire amount for it.

Other non-financial MM2H specifications you need to know:

  • If you are planning to join the visa program as a couple, marriage certificate is highly required. Except the valid marriage certificates, common law marriage, co-habitant certificate or any form of documents won’t be accepted by the Government.
  • Letter of clean background or good conduct for applicant and spouse. Any criminal record will not be accepted.
  • Contagious diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis, HIV etc. are not allowed.
  • Birth certification of children should be submitted before they travel to Malaysia. It’s an essential step to prove that the main MM2H applicant and his/her spouse are their legal parents.
  • Custody letters or adoption letters in case, the child has a single parent or any of the parents is not its natural or biological parent.

Apart from these MM2H criteria, we believe in personal discussion with the clients to review the entire process. Personal situations are different for each client, so it’s good to get some individualized advice.

Partial withdrawal of the fixed deposit is allowed only if one year of visa endorsement is completed for the following reasons:

  • Property purchase (Only if bought under the applicant’s or the spouse’s name)
  • Car purchase (If purchased under the applicant’s or spouse’s name)
  • Children’s education
  • Medical expenses (applicable for the entire family)

Both these above-mentioned purchases and services should be operated only in Malaysia. The highest amount of money that you can withdraw is listed below.

Requirements Under the age of 50 Above the age of 50
Primary Deposit RM300,000 RM150,000
Highest withdrawal RM150,000 RM50,000

The applicants aged or above 50 can withdraw up to RM50,000 of the fixed deposit after one year for property purchase, health insurance or child education. In addition, they can withdraw some amount from their fixed deposit for car purchase grant. A Fixed Deposit of RM150,000 for people under 50 and RM100,000 above 50 is mandatory in Malaysian banks except the visa is canceled. The interest rate will be the current one. At the same time, the participants are allowed to utilize the interest that has been deposited into a completely different savings account.

Documents required for MM2H Visa at a glance.

  1. Forms & application letter
  2. Supporting documents (salary slip, dividend slips, pension advice etc.)
  3. Passports
  4. ID photos
  5. Marriage certificate (if married)
  6. Business cards
  7. Letter of no criminal records (except people working in Singapore, Hong Kong or Curriculum vitae / resume Singaporeans)
  8. Birth certificate (if you have children)
  9. Bank statements of last 3 months showing deposit of income and your financial strength.

Precisely, the visa applicants have to submit the proof of their sufficient financial resources to stay in Malaysia. But they are not allowed to ask for any employment or assistance from the Malaysian government.