Know Why to retire in Malaysia

Malaysia is a unique country, which is divided into two main landmasses. While East Malaysia is located on the Borneo Island, West Malaysia occupies the southern half of the peninsula shared with Thailand. If retirement in Malaysia is one of your exotic dreams, we are here to help you know why Malaysia stands out in the crowd as an ideal second home across the world.


The tropical rain forest climate of Malaysia is more soothing than uniform temperatures throughout the year. The entire country is divided into three main geographical areas such as the highlands, lowlands and the coastal areas. It’s safe to migrate to Malaysia since chances of natural disasters are lower in this country.

Cost of Living

In spite of having a high living standard, the cost of living is low. When you are planning your second home in Malaysia, RM4000 is enough as a monthly expenditure for two. With easy accommodation, food and household help options, Malaysia will definitely prove to be quite inexpensive than other developed countries. That’s why Malaysia is tagged as one of the best places to retire on this earth. You will be enjoying a happy and comfortable life here.


In today’s world, Malaysia has gained pretty much popularity for the minimal rate of criminal activities. Though petty theft might take place at times, burglary, murder or heinous crimes are rarest of the rare cases.

Local People and language

Malaysians are very friendly people who warmly welcome the foreigners. They have no qualms to mix with the foreigners from around the world. Foreigners are easily accepted by the community as a part of it along with frequent cultural exchanges.

The first thing you will notice while researching the websites (including the official sources) of Malaysia that the materials are all described in English language though the official language of this country is Malay. So, language is not a difficult matter for immigration in Malaysia.

Political and economic stability

Since Malaysia is ruled by a stable government, political uncertainties are non-viable. Violence is abominated by the Malaysians and they are trying hard to bring an unparalleled economic growth to continue the well-being of the country.


For both the expats and locals, shopping in Malaysia is one of the most favorite activities. Bargain shopping helps you get quality things at a very reasonable cost. Ranging from clothes, antiques, books, accessories, electronics, to souvenirs and handicrafts, you can purchase whatever you need.

Culture and traditions

Malaysia has a multicultural society with people from around the world. The rich culture of this country will take you back to the 1700s. If you ever had a desire to be a part of various cultural festivals, Malaysia is the ideal country for you.

Nature and scenic beauty

If countries could be awarded for their exotic natural beauty, Malaysia would have topped the list. The finest forests, exquisite beaches, adventurous spots and lofty mountains of this country make it more amazing.


Only Malaysia allows the foreigners to own properties (with land) without going through any complicated purchase process. Just like the local people, the foreigners are given the same rights to purchase properties under their own names. The tenure of the land is either leasehold or freehold. This is one of the major reasons why foreigners prefer to stay in Malaysia.

Transportation and Healthcare facilities

The highways in this country are well maintained. Airports are available in the major cities. Along with high-quality communication infrastructure, Malaysia has world-class fame for its advanced healthcare facilities. Cellphones are easy to afford.

Sports and Outdoor events

Malaysia hosts several international sporting events throughout the year. During March, Formula 1 racing takes place in Penang. Affordable Golf courses are available here. Places for diving, snorkeling, parasailing, skydiving and many other adventure sports can be found in Malaysia. So, if you are an adventure junkie, Malaysia can be a haven for you.


Malaysia is internationally popular for its food. In fact, Penang is known as the unofficial food capital of the country. This island is famous for its hawker fare where you can get delicious food items at a pocket-friendly cost. Be it the tourists, locals or the expats, they love to relish these foods.


Being located in the middle of South East Asia, it takes few hours from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, and other countries. You can easily make Penang a home base for traveling to other Asian countries.

High-speed Internet Connection

People are so accustomed with high-speed Internet that it generally becomes one of the very first considerations whenever thinking to retire in Malaysia for long-term. The good news is that it will be next to impossible to live without being connected in Malaysia and the rate is relatively inexpensive.


To stay in Malaysia for as long as you wish is always good to have long-term visa. What's more, the developed countries across the globe are facing difficulties in pension plans and possibly the payout may shrink.

Throughout your life, you have been working hard to get recognition. Now it’s time to look for a suitable place to start the second innings of your life. So, retire in Malaysia if you want to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with modern facilities.

Lastly, let’s take a look who are eligible to get permanent retirement in Malaysia. The high net worth individuals, experts, professionals, spouse of a Malaysian citizen, and the Applicants who meet the point system - can become a permanent resident of Malaysia, only when they meet the criteria successfully.